Top Antioxidant Foods

Know the top antioxidant foods so they become staples of your healthy diet

There are a lot to choose from!  Juicy!

What’s locally and seasonally available is going to influence your choices

Did you know that herbs,spices and beans are some of the top antioxidant foods?

The cacao bean is an amazing superfood for good health, healing and longevity.

There is such a wide range of amazing and medicinal foods from all over the world. Learn more about the super foods that kept ancient people alive past one hundred.

Different cultures and peoples have been eating these foods for thousands of years. Some, like the acai berry have made a return to our diet. Research and numerous worldwide evidence shows these kinds of foods to be “superfoods” because they are growing in such rich natural environments.

Think of the rich soil and climate of the lush rainforest that many superfoods come from. Or the harsh climates (steppes, mountain or desert) that force these plants to produce such intense compounds to protect themselves and survive in extreme climates.

These same compounds, when we ingest them are what help protect us from harsh environments and strengthen our immunity.

These pristine natural environments are what we want to preserve

For the environmental reasons, it’s better to choose foods that are accessible and unique to your region, that are growing in wild spaces, or undisturbed forest soil.

You will be surprised at what grows so close to home, or what even you yourself can cultivate.

Wild organic berries are incredibly rich in complexes of antioxidants.

The same goes for fresh herbs, which add great flavor and nutrition to any meal. It is so easy to grow your own little herb garden, or even have a few pots indoors year-round.

Fresh garden herbs and local wild foods are some of the most potent juicy medicine you could reward your body with!


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