Antioxidant Greens

Antioxidant greens are easier to include in your diet than you might think.

Rich in minerals, antioxidants, protein, chlorophyll, fiber and protein, they are the building blocks of healthy cells.  Greens are the first food for us, a staple food which all health experts agree should make up the bulk of our diet.   Greens are the most abundant in any natural environment, and were eaten daily and in good amounts by our ancestors.

You will benefit most from eating fresh, organic, locally grown greens, such as:


• Spinach

• Many varieties of Lettuce

• Arugula (rocket)

• Mustard

• Kale (curly, red, dinosaur, etc)

• Swiss Chard

• Collards

– Herbs: parsley, dill, cilantro, basil, oregano, marjoram (add generously to all dishes and salads for a potent green boost)



Even if you ate a salad for lunch, chances are you didn’t get enough greens to benefit from.
Raw Green Perfect FoodConsider including a green food supplementin your daily diet if you are not a big fan of munching on one or two salads daily. The other advantage to antioxidant green super foods is they contain more nutrient-rich greens that we don’t typically consume.

Dark leafy green have the highest ORAC score, but their nutritional value per 100 grams just does not compare to other antioxidant powerhouse foods like herbs, beans and berries. That’s because you need much more in volume to reap all the benefits! Learn more about green food supplements.

Calorie for calorie, antioxidant greens are the most nutritious foods available to us.

Learn about Barley Grass Green Food Nutrition at Body Temple Wellness. 

“Nature is brilliantly designed to put the most precious answers right under our noses, to be discovered when the time is right. If we look at an abundant forest, we will notice that a vast majority of the plants filling it are green.

Only a small percentage of the food found in a forest contains fruits…To me, this is a strong indication that humans needing to survive in nature could not rely on fruits alone! They would need to incorporate large amounts of greens to sustain themselves and remain healthy.”

– Valya Boutenko, Fresh, the Ultimate Live Food Cookbook

I don’t like to waste in my kitchen, so I use greens that you might not put in a salad. Here are some unconventional, but easily obtainable greens that you might have been throwing in the compost until now:

• Carrot tops

• Beet tops

• Turnip greens

• Broccoli or cauliflower leaves

• Celery tops

• Kale stems


Some super antioxidant greens that grow wild on your lawn:

• Dandelion

• Clover

• Lamb’s Quarters

• Pigweed

• King Henry

• Watercress

• Lovage

– Chickweed

– Wood Sorrel


How do you use these unusual greens, you say?


Blend the antioxidant greens with your favourite fruits, then sip away the sweet concoction. My (not-so) secret ingredient is cold-pressed coconut oil. It makes the smoothy creamier and slightly sweeter too. 

coconut oilBasic Green Smoothie

• 1 banana

• ¾ cup frozen mango chunks, or one whole mango chopped

• 1 tbsp coconut oil

• 2 generous handfuls of spinach (start with less if this is your first green smoothie)

• Water for blending (1/3 cup or more)

Blend all the ingredients in a high speed blender, add more water to get the consistency you like. Subsitute mango for your favourite fruit, and spinach for your favourite greens. Add 1 tbsp spirulina, chlorella, or green food supplementfor extra antioxidant power. Go wild, experiment! 

Green Smoothie RevolutionGreen for Life

Want more tips on eating antioxidant greens?

You’ll find an abundance of cutting edge nutritional information and green smoothie recipes for every day in Victoria Boutenko’s Green Smoothie Revolution and Green for Life.

“In more than thirty-five years of practice as a psychiatrist affiliated with the Harvard Medical School, I have learned one thing very well: Human behavior is very hard to change. Now Victoria Boutenko is persuading me otherwise… Thirty days of green smoothies will change how you feel, and how you feel about yourself. That’s no small achievement for one small book.” —A. William Menzin, MD, Harvard Medical School




“This book is groundbreaking and needed by a population whose health is threatened by its own processed food supply. From a naturopathic perspective, the most important constituents of healing are here in these new recipes—enzymes, amino acids, fiber, minerals, antioxidants, and much more. Victoria Boutenko has an intense sense of curiosity combined with a brilliant mind. . . . Join the Green Smoothie Revolution! You may not buy a more important book this year!” —Ariel Policano, ND




“I rarely say this, but I am a big fan of this book. I would recommend reading Green for Life and then picking up a copy of Green Smoothie Revolution to launch your new understanding of health and nutrition to the next level.” —Ridgefield Wellness


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