Hi, I’m Alisa,

Well-come to Antioxidant Buzz!

I have a passion for all things healthy, organic, living, vibrant and juicy.

I love sharing recipes and information to spread awareness.

True health and longevity is simple!   It’s NATURAL.

Is the antioxidant lifestyle the secret food of the gods, the key to anti-aging and longevity, or the elixir of life …?  

 … Antioxidant rich foods are all the natural “super” foods of our Earth, rich in life giving essences.   

The power of true natural health is the energy, the BUZZ which spreads from your body through to your entire life and environment.


A bit about me

I have a passion and dedication for healthy and vibrant living.   I’ve been vegetarian most of my life, and vegan for the last 5 years (with the exception of some experimenting with raw dairy and farm-fresh eggs).

Through a continual dedication to tailoring my own and my family’s healthy diet, I have explored many fun facets of diet and detox ~ everything from sprouts to juicing, herbalism, fasting, super foods, gluten-free bakes, raw cuisine, supplements, probiotics and fermented foods, wild foods, enemas, colonics and natural skin care (your skin also eats!).

Now we are growing our own Permacultural garden, in the hopes of one day being able to fully sustain ourselves from the abundance of seasonal harvest and wild foods.

I believe every BODY is unique and has unique needs and desires.  The simplicity of healthy eating and healthy lifestyle is to cleanse, and begin to TUNE-IN and reconnect to the body’s natural guidance system.  Food can be fun and pleasurable, fresh and whole, made with LOVE and savoured.

I believe the key to radiance is to live clean, eat pure, fresh and healthy whole foods, stress less, sleep more, get active, get outdoors, and do what you LOVE.  

After delving into many books and documentaries about “food”, I realized that mainstream “health” and “nutrition” science is basically controlled by food companies with lots of money and influence.  The health care industry (key word industry ~ something artificially manufactured for the sake of profit) is truly a SICK care industry.   I took mine and my family’s health into our own hands because I no longer wanted to be dependent on a broken “system”.  It’s time for a serious health check America – we don’t need to be in a health crisis!

Tired of hearing “health myths” being perpetuated over and over again by the media, Antioxidant Buzz is my cause to get more simple truth out there.   The focus here is on delicious and colourful recipes and healthy lifestyle – through pure and living foods, detox, positive thinking and activity.

Your feedback is definitely appreciated here.   Leave me questions via the comment box, and I’m always checking in to respond!

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