Antioxidant Fruits

Get the Best from Antioxidant Fruits

Antioxidant fruits are a sweet and juicy way to get supreme health benefits. All fruits contain antioxidants, it’s just a matter of which ones contain the most, and how to maximize their benefits.

To take advantage of the amazing health benefits of antioxidant fruits, always eat them ripe and on an empty stomach. 

antioxidants in fruitsYour body uses different enzymes to digest fruits. They take about half an hour or less to get through your digestive system.

It is important to eat fruits before anything else, separately, and definitely not after a heavy meal.

Otherwise you will get digestive upsets and won’t benefit fully from their antioxidant power.

Different fruits can be combined, but melons should always be eaten separately, at least ½ an hour before or after eating anything else.


Consider these factors:

• Where and how the fruit was grown

• When it was picked

• How it was shipped and treated

Because of all these different variables, it’s hard to say that a given fruit has a set-in-stone ORAC value. 

Consider an apple that is just about to fall from a tree growing (organically) in your backyard in early fall. You touch it and it softly falls into the palm of your hand, you take a crunchy bite right away.

That might be the sweetest, tastiest, juiciest apple – but also so healthful.

Obviously a far cry from the genetically modified apple that was grown in nutritionally depleted soil, sprayed with chemicals, picked unripe the week before, coated in wax, and flown in from Mexico to your grocery store in the middle of the winter.

The second apple might actually do more harm to your system than good.


The fruits containing the most antioxidants are organic ones, and a general rule is the darker the better. 

antioxidants in fruit

Most berries are chock full of antioxidants, and great nutritional profiles in general. Especially wild ones!

So don’t be afraid to eat the sweet little raspberries you see on bushes in the forest.

Another bonus with berries is that they are low-glycemic, which means you can eat as many as you like without raising your blood sugar levels!

This is great if you are on a low-glycemic diet (in fact, this is a very healthy cleansing diet), where your intake of sugars is minimal.

Other sweet and acidic fruits are generally not low glycemic (except for lemons and grapefruit), but still a far better alternative to unnatural and refined sugars.

Here is a list of the best antioxidant fruits (in alphabetical order, not order of importance):

• Acai Berry

• Acerola Cherry

• Apricot

• Aronia Berry

• Bilberry

• Blackberry

• Blueberry

• Camu-Camu

• Choke cherry

• Concord Grape

• Cranberry

– Currant berries: red, black and white

• Dragon Fruit

• Elderberry

• Fig

• Goji Berry

• Kiwi

• Lychee

• Mangosteen

• Passion Fruit
• Pomegranate

• Plum

• Rambutan

• Seabuckthorn

Include your favourite antioxidant fruits in your diet every day. Snack on them in between meals to replace refined sugar.



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