Browse the extensive collection of healthy recipes.

Recipes are mostly all vegan and gluten free, always with natural sweeteners like raw honey, agave, or stevia.

Don’t let “vegan” through you off, I round out the flavours to incorporate lots of healthy proteins and fats ~ like luscious coconut oil, creamy avocado, smooth hemp, and various seeds nuts and oils.

We create 2-3 meals from scratch daily, so there are many photoshoot opportunities.All the recipes are very unique, I like to use new ingredients in creative ways.  So don’t be afraid to try something new – its all delicious – you will be surprised …  Even though healthy food prep becomes routine and begins to happen fast, I love making the food look beautiful.   Presentation is key to the feast!

Hope you are inspired ~ delve in and try something new!


Salads and entrees

Soups and stews



Breakfast foods

Super Snacks

Pot Roasts



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