Antioxidant Dietary Supplements

Why take antioxidant dietary supplements?

Supplements are not meant to replace a healthy diet. You are cheating yourself by making poor food choices and then taking supplements in the hopes of making up for lost nutrients.

The goal is not to replace.

Rather, supplements do just that – they supplement certain nutrients that even a pure whole foods diet may be missing. By taking supplements along with your regular healthy diet, you are filling in the gaps. You are bringing your body closer to an ideal balance, a condition of superior health so it can fight off any disease and reverse the aging process.

depleting our soilOur food supply isn’t what it was even fifty years ago.

Many crops are grown in depleted soil, affecting the entire food system.

The produce we get at the grocery store may look fresh, but it was picked days or weeks ago, often in an unripe state. Enter processed foods, considering even whole, cooked, bottled, pasteurized, frozen and dried food – all these processes deplete the nutritional value of the original foods.

The result is chronic nutritional deficiency. Our modern diet begs for antioxidant dietary supplements.

According to The China Study , North America is afflicted with “Diseases of Affluence”. Cancer (lung, colon, breast, leukemia, childhood brain, stomach, liver), diabetes and coronary heart disease are considered diseases of affluence (Nutritional Extravagance – a diet of excessive protein, animal based foods, and not enough fiber). But not only are we suffering from excess, ironically, we are also suffering from deficiency.

This wasn’t the way humans were meant to eat – our bodies are still adapted to the pure diet of our ancestors. All the food was fresh, literally just picked, dug, caught or cut. This fresh food has certain qualities that only know are beginning to be assessed and appreciated by science. A food is not just it’s weight in protein, fats, carbohydrates and sugars. Real fresh food has a life force, the closest explanation we can give it is enzymes.

Organic mushroom and commercially grown comparison

Acclaimed nutrition expert David Wolfe has wonderful Kirlian images of cooked, raw, organic and non-organic food – in which you can literally see the comaprison of “auras” of different vegetables, fruits, seeds, etc and how they are all aglow with a different intensity.

“Kirlian photographs capture the electromagnetic radiaton patterns emitted by objects across a wide spectrum od electromagnetic energy. These light patterns are beyond what is visible to the naked eye.” (Eating for Beauty, David Wolfe)

So, considering we do not eat many of our foods in an ideal state – or we do not prefer to eat them in this state, we are greatly benefited by taking antioxidant dietary supplements.

Wouldn’t you rather take supplements that are alive with this same life force?  Not only do they have superior levels of the necessary nutrients, but they also have enzymes for flawless digestion and boundless energy.

That being said, most supplements on the market are “fillers” or “placebos”.   They are not living, they are artificial and do more damage to the system than long term benefits!  Make sure you get our supplement guide to understand which supplements are healthful and “real.”


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