What everybody ought to know about Antioxidants

You’ve been asking yourself… ‘What are antioxidants…where do you get them…and why do I keep hearing that word like it’s the new “omega 3”?’

That’s why I’m writing this blog.  Antioxidants are them most important element to your health that may just not be getting enough of!

Hello, and welcome to the Antioxidant Buzz blog (you’re reading the first post!).  This spot is for healthy and yummy recipes and DIY skin care ideas to keep you glowing and healthy from the inside out.

Everything (well…not everything…but I’m working on that!) you need to know on the topic is at Antioxidant Buzz – the website.

Here I’ll keep you updated with healthy recipes – which you just can’t get enough of!

Also, I’ll fill you in with news and scientific tidbits… to impress your friends with next time they ask you why you’re wasting your time peeling that pomegranate.  😉

A bit about me

I’m a stay at home mother who has a serious passion for everything health and nutrition related.  After reading more than several books and seeing documentaries, I’ve realized that mainstream “health” and “nutrition” science is basically controlled by food companies with lots of money and influence.  It’s time for a serious health check America – we’re in the middle of a health crisis!!

Tired of hearing “health myths” being perpetuated over and over again by the media, Antioxidant Buzz is my cause to get a bit of the truth out there.  I’ve done my research, and the study is on-going.  The focus here is on natural nutrition – backed up by the latest science and studies on your DNA.

Oh yeah…and what does everyone need to know about antioxidants?  They combat free radicals which are now known to be the cause of all aging and disease!

Your feedback is definitely appreciated here.   Leave me questions via the comment box, and I’ll do my best to get back to you.


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